CW500 Flow Control ScaleCW500 Flow controlling belted weighing scale

With the aid of the CW500 continuous control weighing system, the slicing strength of the slicer is controlled so that the portion precisely hits the target weight.

Robust, User-Friendly, Accurate!
The load cells used have a nominal load range of 10kg and a 1000% overload protection. When it's time for washdown, you do not have to worry about the scale. Also with her, the design emphasizes simple operation and easy dismantling of the weighing tables is quickly done without tools.

If you cut 3 and 4-track on the same line, this combination is connected in series to avoid having to re-configure the scale. The weighing platform used provides extremely accurate results.

Variations Dual, Triple, Quad, or a Triple/Quad Combination
Per-Track Weighing Frequenzy 100/min
Payload 3 kg


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