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Rocker Belt
Sorts the portions according to criteria such as:

  • Beginning slices
  • Mass
  • External input

The rocker belt is available in the following variants:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Quad

Sorting Belt
Automatically transports the end pieces separated from the rocker away from production to the operator or collection area.

Space-saving and easily accessible design.

Distribution Conveyor

The distribution belt moves the portions that come from the slicer or the upstream process. An integrated motor in the center of the belt enables the use of specially shaped T-belts. The transfer points can be designed with the smallest radii and ensure an extremely gentle portion transport. The angle of the distribution belt is adjustable and can be adapted to different transfer heights.
Compensation Band
The orientation of the portions in the lateral direction takes place in the flow, without stopping. When transferring to the following tape unit, the formats are formed. Short straightening tapes allow for large portioning in automatic insertion. Change of the track number by program change, by combined alignment bands.

Buffering Belt

The buffer bands ensure the constant and consistent filling of the packaging machine. They match the loading times of the slicer or the upstream machines with stand-alone inserts. All formats are buffered. Depending on the format needed, the lengths of the buffer bands can be between 600 and 1200 mm.

Product Loading Conveyor

The final efficient step. The portions are aligned, the format set is built up and ready to be inserted into the format set of the deep drawing machine. The portions are then inserted into the packs in synchronization with the advantage of the packaging machine.

GKS Weight Control System

The GKS is an optional system which improves product yield by eliminating under/overages. If a sliced product varies from the pre-set amount, the portion to be corrected is displayed on the monitor

The VC999 SB620 is your next step for an error-free, fully-automated packaging line. The perfect machine to bring your packaging operation to a new level of efficiency.


  • Compact design
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Exceptional hygienic design
  • Flexible Modular System for easy future expansion
  • Unique tilt-back motor housing design for easy access to packaging machines for quick changeovers
  • Standalone unit with independent HMI interface for full line compatibility
  • Simple on-site line length changeability for Grouping and Buffer conveyors
  • With the SB620 by VC999, You have easy, Full line integration: Loader, Slicer, Scales, Autoloader, Labeler, Thermoformer, etc., all run by a single touch

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