A (R)evolution of High-Speed Slicing Technology.
The VC999 SL600

The daily demands of business constantly push for higher efficiency, higher quality, & lower costs. Now common features for industrial processing and packaging systems include high-cleanability and washdown, secured internet connectivity for efficient HMI (human-machine interface) for up/downtime reporting and production reporting... Missing from other slicers are some advantages at which the VC999 Slicing Systems Excel.

VC999 SL600 Slicer

Experience and innovation for the best results.

Due to the technology used, the crust freezing of the product is eliminated, so that it can be cut at a warmer temperature and with a fresher consistency. The simple and ergonomic handling, as well as the cost-effective maintenance by using standard components, are just some advantages of the SL600. We would like to introduce some of the features of the SL600.

Cutting Speed & Removal
The high cutting chute width of 500mm enables a multi-track cutting. For this reason, rapid cutting is not absolutely necessary. However, cutting speeds of 850 cuts per minute are possible with the SL600.
Due to the servo-driven product guide at the top and bottom, the high cutting performance is also high Easy to cut 2mm.
In order to make the cut portion as gentle as possible, the transport was divided into three strips.

Uncompromising machine safety, uncompromising design

  • Hygienic design for quick, easy and reliable cleaning
  • Tool-free removal of all product-specific parts
  • Protective covers open automatically for quick and easy access

Working Heights
Ergonomic working height for easy manual product loading and automatic line attachment

Standard Parts Construction

  • Standard parts allow quick and cost-effective replacement
  • Downtimes are minimized
  • Spare parts available worldwide

Knife Design and Temperature Ranges
Because of knife design and technology, amazingly wide product temperature ranges can be used.

Cleaning & Hygiene
Due to the one-sided suspension of the knife head housing, the cutting area is very open. Nothing prevents thorough cleaning.
In addition, all belts can be dismantled without tools. The loading belt is at a user-friendly height.

Incredibly Easy Changeovers

  • The assembly / disassembly of the grippers is self-explanatory and any misalignment, due to fixed positions, can almost be excluded.
  • Also, the tool-less cutting edge lock, grippers, and many other parts are exchanged in a snap.
  • The product is guided by means of webs placed on the strips, no additional alignment of separating webs, as is frequently used with other slicers, is necessary.


The VC999 SL600 Slicer.

(R)evolutionize Your Production with Nine Highly-Effective Advantages:

1. Warmer Slicing Temperatures - NO crust freezing required!

  • Lower energy costs
  • Less handling/work
  • Products remain the perfect consistency & taste
  • Faster product throughput

2. Wider Temperature Window

  • With other slicers, assuring the exact product temperature is a constant hassle
  • The SL600 operates effortlessly at a wide temperature window, allowing the product to come first
  • Easier Production, No Challenges, Better Taste, and a (R)evolutionary Approach - Simply Better Slicing

3. Precision Product Alignment from Slicing to Packaging

  • Competition: Products are loaded from the side and sliced pushing them against a lateral guide, causing off-centered and ultimately uneven slices
  • VC999: Products are automatically loaded from the rear and sliced in a centered position – independent of their diameter or shape

4. PUSH & DRAG Cutting - a Unique Solution

  • The blade enters smoothly from the center using always the same ratio of downward and lateral force - Push & Drag
  • The constant push-and-drag due to the unique blade geometry assures a smooth and consistent slice quality, Every Time
  • Slice difficult products with less waste, less broken slices, and Increased Yields

5. 500 Millimeter-Wide Slicing Throat!

  • 800 rpm blade speed for a smooth line speed and a high output
  • Slice Examples:
    4 HAMS 100x150mm
    2 Bacon 220 x 45mm
    4 Cheese bars 150 x 100mm

6. Product/Application Change-Overs in Less Than 3 Minutes with No Tools.

  • Less down time
  • Unparalleled production flexibility
  • No tools required for change over

7. Cat Claw Gripper Design for an Easy 15% Higher Yield

  • Patented gripper mechanism
    - Quicker change over
    - No pneumatic connections
  • On clipped products - get up to 2 additional slices per log

8. Off-The-Shelf Parts Policy

  • NO surprises, just fair pricing: buy your own parts of the shelf.
  • You have a choice where to buy.
  • Lower operational costs.

9. Blade Design - Twice as Good, Several Times Over...

  • Twice the standing time due to efficient blade geometry
  • Blade Edge holds sharpness Twice as Long
  • Double the blade lifetime - 8mm Grinding Range, 60 percent more than competitors.

Products & Presentations

Round sausage and meat products, 70-150mm diameter.
Square and D-shaped sausage and meat products, 60-400mm wide, 60-170mm high

Cooked hams, Mortadelas, Bolognas, Salami, Cervelat, Beer ham, Deli Meats, Meatloaf are all perfectly and precisely sliced on a VC999 Slicer.



(up to 80mm stack height)

Beer Ham (also stuffed with paprika, olives etc.)
D-Shaped Ham
Cooked Ham (Stacked)
Blood Sausage
Paté (liver)

Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast Fillet
Specialty Ham Products
Mortadela (stacked)
Mushroom-Stuffed Ham Products
Smoked Rolled Fillet of Ham
Folded Products (folded chicken fillet)
Sideview (folded chicken fillet)
Amazingly Thin Shaved Presentations!
Staggered Stack Presentations

New Development!




High-Speed Bacon Lines

VC999 offers amazingly accurate optical laser scanning for irregular shaped products such as bacon, hams, and cheeses to guarantee a perfectly-weighted slice, every time. Estimated completion, January 2017.


Other Possible Cutting & Portioning Options:

Rotary Presentations
Overlapped Portions
(e.g. overlapped shingles)

Currently Under Development!
Interweaved Portions
Interleaved Portions

Higher Efficiency & Higher Quality Means Higher Effectiveness and Lower Costs

The VC999 SL600, an Inauen Group-developed slicing system, developed and built from idea to production - something truly different and utterly powerful. It's a (R)evolution in high-speed slicing technology developed by a group of experts and passionate engineers with decades of experience in developing and manufacturing slicers.

The VC999 SL600 High-Speed Slicer has been specifically designed to improve and simplify your slicing and packaging processes.

  • Simplified temperature preparation of the product before slicing
  • Faster production procedure because products can be sliced earlier and in fresher texture
  • Slicing without crust freezing
  • Output is increased by slicing more products simultaneously, rather than by higher blade speed
  • Higher yield due to smaller end pieces
  • Simple and ergonomic handling while loading the slicer with products

Time is money – that's the bottom line

  • Extremely fast changeover, e.g. from 3 to 4 track applications, without modifying the line
  • Simple handling when preparing the machine for cleaning or start up
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic machine design
  • Cost-efficient maintenance because of off-the-shelf, standard parts
    Each VC999 SL600 Slicer line is configured by the VC999 experts based on application and product specifications so that they integrate seamlessly with your current production lines and guarantee optimum results in all applications.

Maximum support and minimum down times

  • Built-in MIS (Management Information System) for reliable real-time remote access
  • Secure remote-service concept with live data, audio and video feeds saves time and money
  • Encrypted Gbit data connection

Powerful cutting system

  • Up to 800 rpm
  • Cutting knife change without removal of counter balance weights
  • Cutting width 500 mm
  • Cutting height 180 mm
  • 45 degree cutting angle

Ergonomic loading height for simple product loading and perfect line integration

  • 800 mm product loading height
  • VC999 SL600 Slicer can be integrated perfectly in existing and new conveying systems
  • Of-the-shelf parts design concept
  • Parts are standardized for quick and cost-efficient replacement
  • Available stock managed globally - Downtime is kept to a minimum

Uncompromising machine safety, uncompromising appearance

  • Hygienic design for quick, easy and reliable cleaning
  • All panels open for easy access
  • Completely enclosed stainless machine frame
  • All product-specific parts are removable without tools for changeover
  • Safety covers open automatically for easy access to all areas
  • All parts disassembled for cleaning can be removed without tools


  • Infeed Conveyor
  • Sorting Conveyor
  • Portion Completion
  • Slice Folding
  • Trim Cut & End Piece Conveyor
  • Square Gripper
  • Round Gripper
  • Cleaning Cart
  • Blade coatings for all kinds of food textures and consistencies

Weighing systems:

  • Single, Double, Triple, Triple/Quad (combo), Quad Scales
  • Product Scanner for irregular shapes


Dimensions 2500 x 1430 x 2700 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 2300 kg
Power options 400 V / 50 Hz / 3P / N / PE
220V – 480 V / 60Hz / 3P / N / PE
Cutting speed >600 per minute
Infeed dimensions (up to) 1200 mm
Portioning options Cascaded/Shingled, Stacked
Gripper options Round Gripper, Square Gripper
Auto-loading system options Automatic
Scale Types Single, Double, Triple, Triple/Quad, Quad
Subject to technical changes

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