Fully automated continuous tray sealing machine

The VC999TS2500 tray sealer is a fully automated in-line machine to automatically seal pre-made trays, with or without exchange of atmosphere (MAP using vacuum/gas) or using Skin Pack. The compact VC999 TS2500 is ideal for large scale vacuum or sealed packaging production.


  • Fully automated in-line production
  • 3 operation modes: Gas flush, vacuum-gas, seal only
  • Longest in-line die in industry
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Quick die change-over
  • Fast film change with simplified film feed and automatic centering
  • Precise time, temperature and sealing pressure control
  • Minimised gas consumption Gas flushing of only the lower tool reduces gas consumption
  • Easy control of all functions by touch-screen with user-guidance
  • Single-hand guide rail adjustment
  • Fast film change with simplified film feed and automatic centering
  • Ready-made interfaces for peripheral equipment on infeed or outfeed side


  • Photoelectric cell control for printed cover foil
  • Printing connection


Tray dimensions (mm)
maximum minimum height*
1-up 2-up 3-up 4-up 5-up 6-up 7-up 8-up 9-up 10-up
1080x325 530x325 346x325 255x325 200x325 163x325 137x325 117x325 102x325 90x325 90x110 18-110
325x325 325x325 325x325 255x255 200x200 163x163 137x137 117x117 102x102 90x90 90x90 18-100
Ø 325 Ø 325 Ø 325 Ø 255 Ø 200 Ø 163 Ø 137 Ø 117 Ø 102 Ø 90 Ø 90 18-100
*Optional possible up to 130
Model VC999 TS2500
Adjustable sealing time 0 - 5 sec.
Production output in cycles per minute max.
Modified atmosphere packaging 8 - 10
Seal only 12 - 14
Compressed air connection 6 bar
Air consumption per cycle with evacuation (MAP) 38 NI
Power connection 400 V / 3PNE / 50 Hz / 12 kW
Technical changes reserved



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