Need Packaging System Automation?

VC999 Packaging Systems can design and help you integrate vision inspection and robotic picking-placing technologies perfect for your product packaging operation. Pulling from years of machine engineering, design expertise, and technology development; VC999 systems are designed utilizing our proprietary SMART Automation process.

Robotic & Vision inspection systems are implemented as a part of a complete packaging machine system to increase productivity, packaging accuracy and reduce overall manufacturing costs. Our experienced engineering teams work directly with customers around the world to analyze manufacturing needs and integrate the right system.

Knowledge to Draw On

Inauen Group

The parent company of
XtraVac Packaging Machines,
XtraPlast Packaging Materials,
& VC999 Packaging Systems.


Innovative roll stock packaging machines, vacuum chamber machines, shrink tunnels & tanks, dryer tunnels, labeling & printing, tray sealing/lidding, conveying, robotics and vision inspection systems.


Your best source for packaging materials and supplies online and across the globe - thousands of pouches, shrink bags, roll stock film, trays, lidding, & more.


Packaging machines that are not only economical, but easy to operate and maintain - vacuum chamber machines, shrink tanks & tunnels, VFFS, multihead, flow wrapper, checkweighers, metal detection, tray sealers, vacuum tumblers, and more.