A fully automated compact tray sealer.

The VC999 TS1500 is a compact, efficient and fully automated tray sealing machine for medium to large scale vacuum or sealed packaging production. With this machine you can realize countless individual packaging solutions.

The machine concept of the VC999 TS1500 features multiple lanes. On 3 lanes (optional 4 lanes) pre-made trays of all kind of shapes are sealed simultaneously with a top film. The VC999 TS1500 offers the operation modes seal only, vacuum gas (MAP) or gas flush. Typically selected by independent processors.


  • Up to 3 packs (optional 4 ) are sealed and moved simultaneously.
  • Operation modes: seal only, vacuum gas (MAP), gas flush.
  • Outside or inside cut is possible.
  • Design based on the latest sanitary standards.
  • Construction is fully made of stainless material for a quick an easy cleaning.
  • Die sets a can be changed quickly and easyly by using fast connectors, no other tools are needed.
  • Simplified film feed and film roll tension enable a fast film change.
  • The infeed conveyor 1 or 2 m for a flexible tray filling.
  • Touch-Screen with user guidance.
  • Various languages can be selected.


  • Print mark detection for printed top film.
  • Liquid separator.
  • Converging conveyor.
  • Die set trolley.


Maximum tray dimensions (mm)
Tray height 18 - 120 mm
Width max. 525 mm
Roll diamter max. 300 mm
Core diameter 70 - 76 mm
Tray size min. 90 x 90
Special shapes on request
Model VC999 TS1500
Track design concept (single/multitrack) up to 3 tracks (optional 4)
Performance (cylces/min)
Vacuum-gas / gas-flush (MAP) 6 - 10
Sealing only 10 - 13
Loading area length 1093 / 2008 mm
Vacuum pump (Optional, O2 available) 100 (150) m3/h
Safety standard CE GS in process
Protection class control cabinet and panel / drives IP65 / IP55
Power connection (others on request) 400 V / 3 / 50 Hz 3.5 - 6.5 kW
Compressed air connection 6 bar
Compressed air consumption per cycle 47 NI
Weight including pump 1220 / 1310 kg
Subject to technical changes



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