K12 Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Two independent chambers share the same vacuum pump. Thanks to partially simultaneous processing, dual-chamber machines are more than 20% faster than comparable swing-lid machines.


  • Increased cycle speed thanks to parallel operation of the two chambers.
  • Only one operator required due to ergonomic seal bar arrangement.
  • Individual programming of each chamber side allows parallel processing of two different products.
  • Space-saving machine can be positioned against the wall.
  • Autonomous microprocessor control with digital display for each chamber facilitates programming, guides operator, displays selection, and vacuuming progress.
  • For each chamber autonomous programmable Vacuum or "Vacuumising up to the Evaporation Point" (self-controlled vacuum)
  • Soft aeration and staged evacuation
  • Double weld seal with separation
  • Lid with sealing and trimming bars
  • Fully integrated modular construction with all around access for easy maintenance and service


  • Gas flushing unit (optional)
  • Automated lid closing (option)
  • Automatic hood control (option)


Model VC999 K12
Outside dimensions of machine (w x h x d) 2215 x 1082 x 1016 mm
Inside dimensions per chamber (w x h x d) 1045 x 210 x 605 mm
Number of sealing bars per chamber 3
Sealing bars length 940/2 x 500 mm
Power connection 400 V/ 3/ 50Hz/ 9kW 25AT
Compressed air connection 5 - 8 bar, Di 9 mm
Vacuum pump 220 m3/h
Maximum vacuum 1 mbar, 99.9%
Vacuumising up to Evaporation Point Standard
Soft-air pre-ventilation Standard
Double sealing Standard
Automatic chamber closing optional
Cycles/min. per chamber 2-3
Weight Approx. 827 kg
Gas flushing MAP optional, Di 7 mm
Technical changes reserved

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