“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory."

We see ads from "competitors" offering aftermarket replacement and wear parts for VC999 and XtraVac machines. The problem is that they're not really less money,
They're "Cheap".

Our Customers Produce Amazing Products!
VC999 & XtraVac strive to provide our customers the same thing.
Top Quality OEM Products.

For all our Packaging Machine Systems, Service, & Parts...
Parts are Meticulously Designed & Precision Engineered to Help You, our Customers,
Produce the Best Product You Can for Your Customers.

VC999 Packaging Systems provides the highest standards in providing quality manufactured parts which meet our precise specifications. Over the years, we have seen some of these cheap, aftermarket parts and have been deeply involved in resolving the issues & failures they have caused our customers. 

The cost of down-time resulting from using non-OEM parts far exceed the savings in a aftermarket part.

Don't Save a Dime to Spend a Dollar! - Contact Us at parts@vc999.com for GENUINE VC999 PARTS

Our competitors have Weak Bladders.

There, we said it...

A few simple but time consuming steps make our bladders
Much Stronger & Last Much Longer

XtraVac Tray Sealer Metal Detector vacuum packaging Chamber Flow Wrapper Machine

We used to outsource our gaskets...

But, the quality was too inconsistent for precision packaging machines.

Customers demand longevity and precision, so we engineered our own gasket press and molds.
Our manufacturing processes have stepped up the quality, accuracy, & durability to an impressive level.

  • Precision gasket molds manufactured in-house
  • Our custom-made gasket press exerts 100,000 lbs of pressure
    at 375 degrees F

Quality that is
Obvious & Measurable!

Seems simple...
Blades are round, metal, & sharp.

But the quality of the metal and sharpening determines how long the edge lasts & whether it rusts or corrodes.

VC999 Blades,
a Cut Above the Rest:

  • Cold-hardened stainless
  • Diamond sharpened

VC999 offers a huge range of vacuum packaging rollstock thermoformers - compact to massively industrial


Knowledge to Draw On

Inauen Group

The parent company of
XtraVac Packaging Machines,
XtraPlast Packaging Materials,
& VC999 Packaging Systems.


Innovative roll stock packaging machines, vacuum chamber machines, shrink tunnels & tanks, dryer tunnels, labeling & printing, tray sealing/lidding, conveying, robotics and vision inspection systems.


Your best source for packaging materials and supplies online and across the globe - thousands of pouches, shrink bags, roll stock film, trays, lidding, & more.


Packaging machines that are not only economical, but easy to operate and maintain - vacuum chamber machines, shrink tanks & tunnels, VFFS, multihead, flow wrapper, checkweighers, metal detection, tray sealers, vacuum tumblers, and more.