Compact Size - Flexible, Efficient Performance.

The VC999 TS200 tray sealing machine is ideal for small to medium packaging volumes, especially in R&D, food, and scientific settings. The items to be packaged are placed manually in a prefabricated tray. The filled trays are then covered with film and sealed airtight, or evacuated and filled with modified atmosphere gas before sealing (MAP system), then cut for a perfect finished look. Ready for shipment or retail sales.

The high-performance, compact and semi-automatic table-top model is compact, easy to operate, and quickly ready for use. The product to be packaged is manually placed into prefabricated trays. The filled trays are then covered with a top film and sealed airtight or, after extracting the atmospheric air, filled with a gas mixture (modified atmosphere, MAP system) and sealed. The modified atmosphere protects the packaged products and guaranties a longer shelf life.


  • Hygienic and easy to clean thanks to smooth surfaces made of stainless steel materials, and rounded corners.
  • High-performance, compact table-top model with integrated vacuum pump.
  • Easy operation and selection of programs based on control system with micro-processor – 20 programs available for selection.


  • High oxygen gas mix
  • Machine stand with gas bottle holder. Storage shelves on the left and/or right


Maximum tray dimensions

Model VC999 TS200
1-up 365 x 265 mm max
2-up 204 x 147 mm
Height 90 mm
Min. tray dimensions 90 x 90 mm
Other dimensions and special forms/shapes on request.

Model VC999 TS200
Adjustable sealing time 0.1 - 9.9 sec.
Adjustable vacuum electronic
Adjustable gas values electronic
Production output cycles/min. max 2 - 3
Vacuum pump 8 m3/h
Inert gas atmosphere 1 bar
Power connection 230V / 50 Hz / PNE / 1.6 kW / 10 AT
Overall machine dimensions 800 x 717 x 700 mm
Weight approx. 95kg
Subject to technical changes


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