The new R-Series is built upon over 50 years of packaging industry knowledge. Born from one of our top-performing packaging machines, the RS Rollstock Machine, the new R-Series has a long pedigree of reliability. With the ability to customize each unit, this machine can meet both your current and future packaging needs. We built the R-Series to be the next-generation of packaging machines. The new R-Series design has numerous features that will enhance productivity while reducing labor and maintenance costs. 


  • Lift design optimized to increase your production speeds.
  • Controls with faster processing speeds.
  • Valve placement increases machine reaction speeds. 
  • Machine overall speed and capabilities are increased by 15-20% over previous generation of Rollstock machines


  • Routine maintenance is simple with access to all serviceable parts.
  • External access to chain tensioning for easy adjustments.
  • Long-lasting o-rings and gaskets that minimize down-time.
  • VC999 guaranteed 10-year parts availability.


  •  Angled surfaces eliminate pooling.
  • Standoffs in paneling for easy cleaning.
  • Washdown rated Igus bearings.
  • Chain guides with nylon standoffs.


  • The R-Series is CE, UL, & CSA certified meeting global standards for efficiency, cleanliness, health, and safety.
  • Optical and Magnetic sensors trigger automatic safety systems to prevent operators from reaching in during machine operation, maintenance, and cleaning, ensuring safety.

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