VC999 has been a leading global manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines for over 50 years. VC999 packaging machines are designed and constructed in both Herisau, Switzerland and Kansas City, MO in the United States. The product range extends from the smallest table-top vacuum machines to a complete product line including shrink-wrappers, dryers, tray sealers and thermoformers – everything you need for packing your high-quality products.

The brand name VC999® stands for vacuum capacity 99.9%  – a reference to the highest vacuum performance that can be achieved.
The VC999 brands stand for quality and performance within the packaging industry.


The parent company is located in Herisau, Switzerland, with offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Benelux, Canada, Mexico, Colombia and the USA. VC999 has global representation in over 70 countries.


  • 1971

    Launch of our first machine the “Swissporter”.

  • 1973

    Commencement of export business with Scobie & Junior, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Scotland.

  • 1975

       2 February 27, foundation of Inauen Maschinen AG, Herisau, Switzerland
    Registration and launch of the protected trade name VC999.

  • 1986

      VC999 Packaging Systems North America Founded.

    Based out of North Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

  • 1989

    October 15, foundation of Inauen Maschinen GmbH, Engen, Germany.

  • 1991

       Acquisition of PMP Präzisionsmechanik AG, Herisau, Switzerland.

  • 1998

       Foundation of  VC999 UK Ltd. in Northampton, England.

  • 2002

       April 12, foundation of VC999 Canada Ltd. in Montreal, Canada.

  • 2006

       VC999 Packaging Systems expands manufacturing capabilities in the North Kansas City, Missouri location.

  • 2007

       January 12, VC999 Packaging Systems in Mexico is founded.

    Expansion of the VC999 headquarters in Herisau, Switzerland.

  • 2009

       April, change of name: Inauen Maschinen AG changes name to become VC999 VERPACKUNGSSYSTEME AG.

  • 2012

      The I-Series Rollstock Thermoformer was introduced.

  • 2016

       The VC999 Canada office doubled in size.

  • 2017

      The P-Series Rollstok Thermoformer was introduced.

  • 2017

       Opening of VC999 Packaging Systems S.A.S. Bogota, Colombia.

  • 2021

      The Xtravac brand name of Packaging Machines and Accessories is retired and replaced with Packaging Plus. 

  • 2021

      The Xtraplast brand name of Packaging Materials retired and replaced with VC999 Materials. 

  • 2021

      The new R-Series Rollstock Thermoformer is launched.

  • 2022

       VC999 acquires 52,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Strongsville, Ohio.