When it comes to selecting the correct vacuum pouches for your products, there are a few things for you to consider:

1-Film Construction

There are two ways to construct vacuum pouches. Vacuum pouches are either laminated or co-extruded. Laminated vacuum pouches are constructed of multiple layers of film providing higher puncture resistance. Co-extruded vacuum pouches have a slight stretch to the material allowing them to contour to the product. Both are food-safe packaging options.

2-Pouch Thickness

Vacuum pouch thickness is measured in Mil, 1 Mil being 1/1000th of an inch. VC999 Materials offers a range of pouch thicknesses to meet your packaging requirements.

3-Mil. vacuum pouches provide a standard puncture-resistant, medium barrier for most food products that don’t require extra resilience for sharp edges. It’s the popular choice for many food products like meats, cheeses, bakery items, and more.

4-Mil. vacuum pouches are slightly thicker, providing a strong, puncture-resistant barrier for products like meats that will be frozen after vacuum packaging.

5-Mil. vacuum pouches offer the most protection for products with sharp edges like bone-in meats. They are a great packaging solution for ribs, but pork chops, T-bone, or Tomahawk type in-bone cuts will likely require additional bone guard applications to ensure a vacuum.

3- Branding

In addition to clear vacuum pouches, we offer custom printed vacuum pouches and films to ensure your brand gets noticed!

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