The Inauen family returns to Kansas City to celebrate our remodeled facility and celebrate record growth.

VC999 founder Bernhard Inauen and his son Uriel Inauen recently returned to VC999 North Kansas City to tour our newly remodeled offices and production facility. Over the past year, VC999 has made significant investments in new CNC machines, lathes, and other infrastructure improvements to allow us to continue matching the record demand for our rollstock machines. These investments ensure we can meet the increased demand for our packaging machines, including our newest model, the R-series, which has had an excellent response from our customers.

Mr. Inauen was very impressed with our facility upgrades, our people, and our growth over the past few years. He made a point to mention that while there have been many changes since we launched our first Vacuum Chamber Machine the "Swissporter" in 1971, our commitment to producing quality high-performing packaging machines has remained the same. He is optimistic these investments will help us increase production and bring new, innovative packaging machines to the market.