5 Reasons to own a Rollstock Thermoformer

Rollstock Thermoformers are widely used by production and packaging industry globally to make quality packaging. Using them produces one of the most flexible forms of packaging available in the market today. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing Rollstock Thermoforming machines.


Lower Operation Costs:

Rollstock machines minimize the cost of packaging your finished goods. Because this machine forms the container, is filled with product, and seals it in-line, it creates less waste than other packaging methods.


Faster Packaging Speeds:

Rollstock Thermoformers can produce more packages in a minute than manually filled and sealed using a vacuum chamber machine. We often are asked by potential customers, “How fast can this machine run?” and our answer is always the same, “How fast can you LOAD it?”


Packaging Flexibility:

Rollstock Thermoformers can produce a wide range of packaging sizes and shapes. Adding a new product package could be as simple as getting new tooling dies made. Because tooling dies are relatively easy to switch between product runs, you can efficiently meet all your needs today and in the future.


Reduced Labor Costs:

Rollstock Thermoformers are automated, and thus there is no need to hire labor for managing or moving goods between each step of the rollstock process.


Durability & Longer Shelf-life:

Rollstock Thermoformers create durable, strong packaging that extends the shelf-life of your products. Their packaging is perfect for storing all sorts of products providing maximum protection to the contents.

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