VC999 Acquires Additional Warehouse Space in North Kansas City

The newly acquired space adds much-needed warehouse space at the North Kansas City Headquarters building allowing for continued growth.

April 4, 2023 – North Kansas City, MO – VC999 Packaging Systems Inc., a leading global manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines, has recently acquired additional warehouse space adjacent to the current 1103 Erie Street warehouse space. The company continues to invest in ways to expand its presence in the packaging industry. “Acquiring this new warehouse space will add the much-needed room to increase production capacity for our machines as well as our film business,” said Steve Kingeter, CEO of VC999 Packaging Systems. “Thanks to the support of our ever-expanding customer base, we have experienced record growth for five consecutive years. This added space gives us room to continue to grow our product lines and be innovators in the market.” The additional space adds warehouse space and docks to our existing building which is mainly dedicated to housing our packaging materials business.

About VC999 Packaging Systems, Inc.

VC999 has been a leading global manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines for over 50 years. VC999 packaging machines are designed and constructed in both Herisau, Switzerland, and in North Kansas City, MO in the United States. The product range extends from small table-top vacuum machines to completely automated packaging lines including shrink-wrappers, dryers, tray sealers, and thermoformers.

The name VC999® comes from our proud history of being the manufacturer to achieve a vacuum capacity of 99.9%. The VC999 name stands for quality and performance within the packaging industry. With global headquarters in Herisau, Switzerland, VC999 has offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Benelux, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and the United States. VC999 has global representation in over 70 countries.

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