In the food industry, the efficiency and effectiveness of your packaging processes play a critical role in the success of your products. When do you know it is time to upgrade from a vacuum chamber machine to a thermoformer? 

For many, vacuum chamber machines have been the go-to option for packaging a wide range of food items. However, there are a few reasons you will know it’s time to switch to thermoformers. Here are some reasons why:

Reason 1 - When You Need Greater Versatility

Thermoformers can accommodate a wider range of packaging needs than vacuum chamber machines. They are capable of creating trays, blister packs, skin packaging, and vacuum packaging, providing greater flexibility for your packaging needs. Additionally, thermoformers can handle a wider range of materials, including PVC, PET, and barrier films that provide a longer shelf life.

Reason 2 - When You Need Lower Operational Costs

Vacuum chamber machines use pouches. If you package many products of different sizes and widths, you would need to purchase pouches in bulk for each of your products and have room to store them. Thermoformers on the other hand can make nearly any size or shape package from a roll of film. With a simple tooling change, you can change the size and shape of a package while using the same film. This makes your cost per package considerably less than if you were using pouches.

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Reason 3 - When You Need Increased Production Speeds

Thermoforming machines provide faster packaging runs than vacuum chamber machines. They package multiple products at once, and by using automated systems, thermoformers can cut down packaging times significantly. This results in a more efficient and productive packaging process, leading to faster turnaround times and increased output. When people ask us “How fast can it run… we ask, How fast can you LOAD it?”

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Reason 4 - When You Need A Custom Package

Thermoformers offer superior customization capabilities that better reflect your brand through product packaging. This ability to create custom shapes, designs, and features provides a unique marketing opportunity to showcase your product effectively. Whether you are selling a new product, promoting product promotions, or driving brand recognition, thermoformers provide the perfect custom package solution for your brand.

As the world evolves, so too should the technology used to merchandise our products. Upgrading to a thermoforming machine can provide your business with versatility, lower operational costs, increased production speed, and customizable packaging. The investment will be worth it in the long run as you see increased output and giving your products a competitive edge.

Have you decided it is time to upgrade from a vacuum chamber machine to a thermoformer?  Whatever your reason is, our machine experts are here to help you create the perfect packaging solution.

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