VC999 has 10k OTR Films In-Stock!

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10k OTR film (10,000 Oxygen Transmission Rate), is a special film that makes seafood safer, more hygienic, and reduces waste from spoilage. The film is oxygen permeable, which meets FDA guidelines for oxygen transmission rates and food safety.

10K OTR film (10,000 Oxygen Transmission Rate), is an oxygen permeable film that allows food to be sealed from environmental contaminants (like bacteria, dirt, dust, water, and chemicals). The oxygen, which is able to pass through the barrier, prevents anaerobic bacteria growth, and in turn prevents the production of anaerobic bacteria by-products, like Botulinum neurotoxin. 10K OTR film increases the shelf life and reduces freezer burn.


Customers like 10k OTR because it makes mealtime prep and cleanup easier! They don’t need to remove the fish from its vacuum seal packaging to thaw out and use.

We carry the following sizes in stock:

423mm 3mil 10K

464mm 3mil 10K

523mm 3mil 10K

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