Tray Sealer -vs- Thermoformer

How do you know it is time to upgrade from a Tray Sealer to a Thermoformer? 

First of all, how are they different?

Tray Sealers 

Tray Sealers are machines that apply plastic film lids to pre-formed trays of various materials, sizes, and depths.


Thermoformers on the other hand, form the tray and produce a sealed pack from plastic. Rolls of film are formed into shapes using pressure, vacuum, and heat.

Here are 4 reasons it may be time to make the upgrade:

1. When you need more production efficiency:
Thermoformers are capable of producing a higher volume of packaging in a shorter amount of time compared to tray sealers. This means that businesses can get their products out the door faster and increase their overall production efficiency.

2. When the long-term cost savings is important:
Although the initial investment in a thermoforming machine may be higher than a tray sealer, the long-term cost savings can be significant. With less labor required, less materials bought, and overall lower operating costs over time.

3. When you have a wide range of packaging styles:
Thermoformers offer greater versatility in packaging options compared to tray sealers. Instead of being limited to a specific tray size and shape, thermoformers can adapt to a wide range of packaging sizes, shapes, and materials.

4. When your facility is short on storage space: 

Thermoformers produce the trays from a single roll of film as the packaging is being formed. This reduces the need to buy and store multiple sizes of trays for each of your different products.

Are you ready to consider a Rollstock Thermoformer? Give us a call and our packaging experts can help you make the switch!