Seafood Packaging

VC999 has 10k OTR Films In-Stock! 10k OTR film (10,000 Oxygen Transmission Rate), is a special film that makes seafood safer, more hygienic, and reduces waste from spoilage. The film is oxygen permeable, which meets FDA guidelines for oxygen transmission rates and food safety. 10K OTR film (10,000 Oxygen Transmission Rate), is an oxygen permeable […]

Medical Packaging Industry Trends

Medical Packaging Trends With the increase in regulatory requirements on sterile products, the quality of the packaging is an integral part of the product. How will medical technology companies respond to these completely new demands?  In the past, while packaging was necessary, it was often considered an afterthought. This mindset is now significantly changing. The […]

Your Source For Packaging Films, Bags & Pouches

VC999 Packaging Systems is more than packaging machines. We are also a great source for your Films, Vacuum Pouches, Shrink Bags, Bone Guard, and Lidding. Films: VC999 carries over 1,000 different packaging film options. Our Rollstock films are available in both forming and non-forming, available in clear black or custom printing. We have NO MINIMUM […]

Types of Packaging

VC999’s RANGE OF PACKAGING MACHINES CREATE MANY TYPES OF HIGH-QUALITY PACKAGING VC999’s wide range of packaging machines are able to create a variety of packaging types. The combination of top sealing films and bottom forming films, give you the ability to customize your packaging. People love packaging with Rollstock Thermoformers for the wide range of […]


VC999 MATERIALS CARRIES VACUUM POUCHES! When it comes to selecting the correct vacuum pouches for your products, there are a few things for you to consider: 1-Film Construction There are two ways to construct vacuum pouches. Vacuum pouches are either laminated or co-extruded. Laminated vacuum pouches are constructed of multiple layers of film providing higher […]